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Religion, Society, and the Science of Life, 2017

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Hi all,

There will never be a Newton for the Blade of Grass, "Kant wrote in 1784, a quarter-century before the birth of Charles Darwin, and a half-century before the first synthesis of an organic compound in a laboratory. Philosophies, theories, and theologies of humans, animals, and nature were built on this fundamental exclusion of life from science.

But contemporary biology has changed the rules of engagement between life and science. Life is now not only mapped down to the level of the genome, it is cut, copied, manufactured, fine-tuned, and CRISPRed. Life has not just become an object of science, but the raw material of new technology. And yet, although the science of life is shaped by assumptions developed through the study of inanimate things, life is an object of science like no other. A single cell contains an entire world. Even in a post-vitalist era, the biologist GG Simpson has proposed that the esoteric secret ingredient of life is real: the hypercomplexity of eukaryotic organisms. This is why the science of life is distinctive among the sciences in its methods, using history, narrative, and teleological terms and explanations.


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07.12.17 um 1:45

dazu gibts auch einen 6 Jahre alten Aufsatz von Peter Schuster, UNI Wien:


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